Things to Do in Sedona (2024)

Discover some of the many Sedona, Arizona points of interest along with 100 things to do and places to see in Sedona and the Verde Valley.

Explore popular and lesser-known places to see in Sedona!

Whether you’re visiting Sedona for the first time or heading here for your hundredth, there are so many incredible places to see and things to do in Sedona that you might wonder where to start.

For those who love choices, our local guides have put together a list of 100 Things to Do – one they could have easily doubled. For others who might not know where to start but know what you like, here are some tips to help you make the most of your stay in Red Rock Country.

As a visitor, you are essential to making – and keeping –Sedona sustainable.Please do your part to assure that Sedona will remain unspoiled and welcoming for generations to come.

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I’m here for the hiking. What are the best trails to see?

The best trails may also be the most crowded. With more than 3 million visitors a year and 10,000 local residents, you may have your sights set on one of Sedona’s iconic spots. Made even more popular by Instagram, spots like Devil’s Bridge can have wait times of up to two hours for your turn at a selfie. If you have your heart set on a popular spot, avoid the traffic by taking theSedona Shuttle.

Also, have a contingency plan. With more than 400 miles of trails, there are beautiful, barely used trails for those willing to take the road less traveled.Sedona’s Secret 7is a great place to start.

What sort of arts and culture does Sedona have?

With more than 80 art galleries, two international film festivals, wine festivals, the Sedona Chamber music series, and more, Sedona offers a year-round calendar ofarts and cultural events.

What sort of spiritual or wellness places to see in Sedona are there?

Many people come to Sedona to seek out its vortexes. But ask those who live here and they’ll tell you the whole place has a special energy all its own. In fact, much of the area has been considered sacred to the native Navajo and Hopi for generations, here to this day.

While a walk in the forest can be an act of renewal all its own, you’ll also find places like the popularChapel of the Holy Crossor the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park. Several world-class spa resorts offer a place to rejuvenate the spirit, while a vibrant community of complementary and alternative healers, practitioners, coaches and shopkeepers offer workshops and tools for wellness and enlightenment.

Is Sedona part of Arizona’s wine country?

Verde is the Spanish word for green –not something you’d expectSedona Red Rock Countryto be a part of. But in fact, the Verde Valley is an area of Northern Arizona that includes a range of elevations all fed by the enchanted Oak Creek, which cuts through the canyon bearing its name from Flagstaff through Sedona and down to wine country towns like Cottonwood, Cornville and Camp Verde.

The wines and wineries are getting noticed by some of the top publications in the industry. Tour operators offer visits to the area wineries, withwine tastingsthat make a great addition to an itinerary.

What are some of the historic places to see in Sedona?

How far back would you like to go? There are some beautiful cliff dwellings and rock art sites in Sedona and the Verde Valley, includingV Bar V Heritage Site,Honanki Heritage Siteand thePalatki Heritage Site. Be sure to check ahead as some sites are best accessed with a high-clearance vehicle, and some may require reservations in advance.

Also check outMontezuma Castle National MonumentandMontezuma’s Welloff Interstate 17 near Camp Verde.

If you’re in Uptown Sedona, stop by theSedona Heritage Museum. See one of the original homestead houses, learn about Sedona’s film fame in westerns popularized by John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart and more.

Things to Do in Sedona (2024)


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