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Eiji Masuda

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My Monster Secret: Actually, I Am… Series : Titles in Order

My Monster Secret Vol. 22

Book 22
  • Available formats:
  • Paperback (1)

BLOOD IS IN THE AIR! To rescue Principal Shirayuki, Youko tells her classmates that she is a vampire!! And then Asahi makes an acrobatic proposal?! What will be the fate of the human and non-human couple? Find out in the thrilling and touching conclusion to My Monster Secret! <b style=””>The final volume!

My Monster Secret Vol. 21

Book 21
  • Available formats:
  • Paperback (1)

A NEW POWER RISES Shirayuki has been appointed as the new principal of Morobare High School! It doesn’t take her long to settle into her new position—or to start making some big changes. But not all change is good, and these reforms are targeting Shiragami-san and the other non-humans!

My Monster Secret Vol. 20

Book 20
  • Available formats:
  • Paperback (1)

THE PAST THICKENS! To find out why Genjirou so stubbornly refuses to trust humans, Asahi is sent to…the past?! While he’s there, he meets someone he never expected to encounter. Just who is lurking in the days of yore?

My Monster Secret Vol. 19

Book 19
  • Available formats:
  • Paperback (1)

GOODBYE, AIZAWA NAGISA!! The battle between the two Aizawa Nagisas ends now! Meanwhile, what are these interesting developments in Mikan and Oka’s relationship?! Could things finally be turning in Oka’s favor?

My Monster Secret Vol. 18

Book 18
  • Available formats:
  • Paperback (1)

STUDY DATE The moment has finally arrived—Youko is visiting Asahi’s house for the first time, like, ever! Not only that, but they’re the only ones at home. Can they concentrate enough to get their work done or are they in for nothing but funny business?

My Monster Secret Vol. 17

Book 17
  • Available formats:
  • Paperback (1)

LOVE AT LONG LAST! Akari and Sakura are finally dating! Can they keep their student-teacher relationship on the DL? Will the principal’s unprincipled meddling ruin the glorious love they have finally achieved?!

My Monster Secret Vol. 16

Book 16
  • Available formats:
  • Paperback (1)

A DIFFERENT KIND OF VAMPIRE HUNTER! Just as Youko’s vampire purity level is rising, a vampire hunter shows up! Instead of seeking to put an end to her, however, he declares himself Asahi’s rival. Can Asahi handle the heat of competition?

My Monster Secret Vol. 15

Book 15
  • Available formats:
  • Paperback (1)

A PROFESSION OF LOVE Shiho has a confession to make–to Kuromine! Will she finally be able to admit her feelings to him and to herself? Meanwhile, she’s got a whole other matter of the heart to deal with: her unwanted future with Shima-kun. Shiho’s ridiculous romances are getting wilder by the minute!

My Monster Secret Vol. 14

Book 14
  • Available formats:
  • Paperback (1)

DESPERATE TIMES CALL FOR DESPERATE MEASURES Seeking the truth about Asahi’s marriage, Mikan chases after Yuka—right into the future! Meanwhile, Saki takes a different approach to reclaiming her family’s honor. Nympho powers aren’t the only way to seduce the gentlemen, after all, and Saki’s got a secret recipe: curry!

My Monster Secret Vol. 13

Book 13
  • Available formats:
  • Paperback (1)

CAVITY CATASTROPHE Akane’s candy obsession has finally caught up with her! It’s time for a trip to the dentist, but that’s the last place she wants to go. How far will the principal go to avoid her terrifying and toothy fate?

My Monster Secret Vol. 12

Book 12
  • Available formats:
  • Paperback (1)

First Date Disaster?! Asahi and Youko are finally going on their first date! But with so many meddlers in the wings–the principal, Youko’s father, and a hoard of supernatural suitors–there’s plenty that could go wrong. Will they get their romantic moment or is their first time out together doomed to failure?

My Monster Secret Vol. 11

Book 11
  • Available formats:
  • Paperback (1)

Reach for the Stars! The Class Rep has been ordered to return to her home planet. A new agent has appeared to drag Youko-san back home. And Rin goes on an epic quest to the grocery store. Third year finally begins for our heroes in this out-of-this-world comedy!

My Monster Secret Vol. 10

Book 10
  • Available formats:
  • Paperback (1)

Finally settled?! What will become of their love?! On the class trip, Aizawa finally tells Asahi that she loves him!! How will Asahi respond?! And what will Shiragami-san do with this misunderstanding…?! You can’t take your eyes off them for a second!! A love comedy with a ditzy heroine!!

My Monster Secret Vol. 9

Book 9
  • Available formats:
  • Paperback (1)

LOVE IS IN THE AIR! Shiragami-san kissed Asahi on the Ferris wheel–now what? Meanwhile, the Class Rep has decided that the class trip is the perfect time to confess her love. And what the heck is Koumoto-sensei doing working at a maid café?! The surprises just keep coming in this nonstop love comedy!!

My Monster Secret Vol. 5

Book 5
  • Available formats:
  • Paperback (1)

A high school rom-com with monsters! My Monster Secret is a new, ongoing manga series that combines both supernatural and extraterrestrial elements in a high school romantic comedy setting. Published in Japan by Akita Shoten in the Weekly Shounen Champion magazine, My Monster Secret has met with critical acclaim, with each new volume ranking highly on Japanese bestseller lists. Each volume of the manga features a charmingly eccentric art style and contains color inserts.High school student Kuromine Asahi is the kind of guy who literally cannot tell a lie. Whether it’s trying to maintain a poker face in a simple game of cards or keeping scurrilous gossip to himself, Asahi is a total failure when it comes to the art of deception.So what happens when he stumbles upon the most shocking secret of his life? When Asahi learns that Shiragami Youko, a beautiful girl of few words, is actually a vampire, can Asahi possibly keep his lips sealed?

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