Canadian Poutine Recipe (2024)

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Canadian comfort food at its finest! This simple and traditional Canadian Poutine recipe comes together quickly, with french fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds.

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I was recently talking to my friend Haley that lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada about Poutine. I asked her if she had an authentic poutine recipe because we really wanted to try it, and she shared this simple recipe for Canadian Poutine with me.

With only three ingredients, this easy comfort dish will have you coming back for more. However, if you do prefer to make this savory dish from scratch, my Homemade Double Fried French Fries are an excellent alternative to frozen fries and this Homemade Brown Gravy Recipe is one of my favorites!

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First originating in 1950s rural Québec snack bars, Poutine has been widely popularized across Canada and beyond since the 1990s. As far as pronunciation goes, most English speaking Canadians pronounce it “poo-TEEN”. French Canadians, however, suggest that it should be pronounced as “poo-TIN”.

The word “poutine” is commonly believed to have originated from the English word “pudding”. It is used to describe a mixture of messy foods. In Québec, the term poutine is slang for “mess.” Therefore, it is customary to eat this tasty dish with a fork rather than hands.

Typically consisting of crispy french fries topped with savory brown gravy and creamy cheese curds, this delightful cozy dish is considered to be vegetarian. Although it does depend on which gravy is used, as some gravies are made with animal stock or animal fat.

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Three ingredients are all you need!

  • Frozen French Fries: Using frozen ensures that the fries cook evenly, and they are quick, too! Or make your own double-fried french fries for an epic addition!

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  • Cheese Curds: For the most authentic poutine, use white cheese curds rather than yellow.

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  • Brown Gravy Mix: Using a pre-made mix is great for convenience! Check the ingredients first if looking to make this dish vegetarian.

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HOW TO MAKE Canadian Poutine a.k.a. Homemade CANADIAN POUTINERIE

It’s so simple to make, you will wonder why you hadn’t before, and you’ll make it again and again after!


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Make gravy according to the directions.

Canadian Poutine Recipe (9)

Keep it warm on the stove.


Canadian Poutine Recipe (10)

Deep-fry french fries in 350F oil until golden brown. Drain french fries on a paper towel-lined tray.


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Plate the french fries and top with a handful of cheese curds.

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Add a few ladles of hot gravy. Enjoy!

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Now that you know how to make Canadian Poutine, let’s make some! Here is the simple recipe – Canadian Poutine Recipe (15)

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Canadian Poutine Recipe

Canadian comfort food. This simple and traditional Canadian Poutine recipe comes together quickly, with french fries, brown gravy and cheese curds.

Prep Time5 minutes mins

Cook Time5 minutes mins

Total Time10 minutes mins

Course: Appetizers & Snacks

Cuisine: Canadian

Keyword: brown gravy, Canadian Poutine, cheese curds, french fries, poutine, recipe

Calories: 238kcal

Author: Michaela Kenkel


  • 1 package brown gravy mix
  • 1 package 650 grams/23 ounces frozen french fries
  • 1 cup cheese curds


  • Make gravy according to the directions on the package and keep it warm on the stove.

  • Deep-fry french fries in 350F oil until golden brown.Drain french fries on a paper towel-lined tray.

  • Plate the french fries and top with a handful of cheese curds and a few ladles of hot gravy.

  • Serve.


Frozen French Fries work great, but if you really want to make this recipe EPIC, use my Homemade Double Fried French Fry Recipe!


Serving: 1g | Calories: 238kcal | Carbohydrates: 17g | Protein: 9g | Fat: 15g | Saturated Fat: 7g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 7g | Cholesterol: 31mg | Sodium: 560mg | Fiber: 1g

Canadian Poutine Recipe (2024)


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