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Abigale Mandler

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Abigale Mandler is a livestreamer and gamer. [6] She is one of Luxe Gaming, a new media and entertainment company. [7]

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At her wedding

Abigale Mandler is one of five siblings - she has one sister and three brothers.

[19] In summer of 2017, Abigale got married to her boyfriend of over a year.

[21] [20]

She is an animal lover and has several pet cats.

[14] Abigale uses Medicinal marijuana. [24] Abigale is of Irish ethnicity. She currently lives in Escondido, California with the rest of the Luxe Gaming team.

In March 2019, Zoie Burgher posted a post on Twitter about Abigale and well-known gamer FaZe Pamaj that read, "And I still can’t believe no one found out about the threesome between me, Abigale Mandler, and Pamaj, and especially not her husband. Moral of the story, everyone fcking scks."[41]

She then posted supposed "receipts" of the encounter, tweeting an alleged DM between her and Pamaj where he asked if he had left his jacket, optic chain, and driver’s license in a hotel room where they met.

After Burgher said she couldn’t find it, Pamaj asked her to check Mandler’s bed for his missing possessions.[41]

In her response, Mandler wrote, "Heard someone was having a mental breakdown on the tl again but was out living my life off my phone to see any of it go down.

Apparently I cheated and had a threesome so go ahead and roast me now so we can all move on with our f*cking lives."[41]


Abigale actually uploaded her first video in late 2016, entitled "Thirsty Thursday- Abigale Mandler & Zoie Burgher".

Abigale became a part of Luxe Gaming. She and Zoie Burgher, the originator of the Luxe brand, would become close friends and frequent collaborators over the years, and have posted a number of videos together on YouTube.[7]

She frequently streamed herself playing games such as Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Call of Duty, Super Smash Bros and other popular franchises. Since, Abigale is known for her IRL Streams, which are mostly her venturing with Zoie Burgher through public talking about their daily lives. [7]

Some of the most successful videos she has uploaded so far include "ASMR: Detention Reacher Role Play", with over two million views, then "Sexy Baking w/ Abigale Mandler", with 1.2 million and "ASMR: Nurse Exam Role Play" which has attracted over one million views.[40]

As of January 2020, Abigale has over 158,000 subscribers on YouTube, and her videos have been viewed in excess of 8 million times. [7] She is also a Cosplayer, dressing up for E3 and other events as her favorite gaming characters. [14]

Abigale monetizes her Patreon account by offering nude photos and videos to her subscribers. [9] She also offers unique Snapchat content only available to donors. [6] She used to film streams with Celestia Vega until Luxe Gaming banned her for creating p*rnographic content.

As of January 2020, Abigale has over 202,000 followers on her abigalemandler Instagram account. There she posts mostly her own photos wearing a bikini, swimsuits, and other outfits. She also has over 255,000 followers on her Twitter account.[34][14] Abigail also has a Patreon account with about 100 patrons.[35]

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